Oct. 24, 2008- Rodong: Outrageous Fabrication
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Oct. 24, 2008
Rodong Sinmun (North Korean newspaper)

Outrageous fabrication by South Korean madmen seeking confrontation

The Foul Fabrications of Confrontational Madmen

The Lee Myung Pak gang is conducting all sorts of schemes and tactics to increase confrontation and poison relations between the two Koreas. One example is their preposterous claim concerning the so-called “abduction issue.”
Some time ago, the traitorous gang incited a bunch of nobodies calling themselves “scholars” to argue that North Korea had conducted an organized campaign of abduction against civilians during the Korean War.

We want to make very clear that such talk about “civilian abductions” is a complete farce aimed at doing our country harm. We cannot remain silent towards the attempts by the Lee Myung Pak gang to destroy our country’s image with such garbage.

Our people’s war to liberate the fatherland was a justified one to protect our nation’s sovereignty and unity from the invasion of armed criminals, domestically and abroad, who aimed to dominate our Republic. The idea that civilian abductions occurred in such a war is ridiculous because they never happened.

The argument that such acts did occur is an unbearable insult and provocation against us. It is nothing but a vile scheme and irrational perversity concocted by those who desire, more than anything else, to promote confrontation and raise tensions between the two Koreas.

Such efforts to examine systematic criminal acts against innocent civilians during the war should instead be directed at the U.S. and the South Korean puppets. Last July, the AP revealed that declassified documents held in several archives showed that in the summer and fall of 1950 the South Korean puppet army and police massacred at least 100,000 civilians with the quiet acquiescence of the U.S. Of course, this is only a portion of the large-scale massacres conducted by the American imperialists and South Korean puppets during the war.

There is still an enormous number of civilian massacres and abductions conducted by these two groups that have yet to come to light. These unforgivable crimes against humanity must be exposed and be judged in the name of our nation.
Despite their own horrendous acts, the shamelessly brazen Lee Myung Pak gang has mobilized scholars of questionable merit and others on their payroll to talk about the North’s “civilian abductions.” Their goal for making such ridiculous accusations is simple. By bringing tensions between the two Koreas to the brink of war and creating antagonism and distrust towards us in South Korea, they aim to stop the implementation of the June 15 Joint Statement and October 4 Statement.

All too happy to continue confrontation, the Lee Myung Pak gang has been taken in by the fascist and self-righteous idea that it can fabricate anything and turn even fact into fiction in order to stay in power.

The Lee Myung Pak gang has repeatedly said that “regime change can change history” and has focused its energy on distorting history with the excuse that existing historical texts have a “leftist bias.” With this, the regime is, on the one hand, insulting the justified struggle of the people against injustice and dictatorship by calling it a “rebellion of leftist forces.” On the other, it is glamorizing the crimes against humanity of the traitorous Syngman Rhee puppet, who whetted his hands with the blood of his fellow countrymen during the war and his time in power.

This is nothing more than an ugly attempt by the pirate gang to deepen confrontation with us by making up facts taken from the historical understanding held by the far-right conservative camp.

Now, as an extension of this, the gang has created the ridiculous fantasy of “civilian abductions” to diminish our national image. This shows how much of a traitorous group the Lee Myung Pak gang is and how much they desire to continue confrontation.

That the Lee Myung Pak gang would complain about so-called “abductions” is ridiculous. Finding themselves in their most serious crisis since gaining power, this traitorous regime is trying to find a way out of it by building confrontation against us as a last resort. However, they will obtain nothing from their efforts. The Lee Myung Pak gang must abandon its delusions and stop its foul schemes against our country.

- Pak Cheol Chun
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